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INDICARE Call for Papers

The INDICARE Monitor Volume 2, No 2 to be published 28th of April will focus on DRM issues in the field of "science, higher education, and libraries". In order to attract high quality input and to get you actively involved in INDICARE, we launch a call for papers for that issue

Among the issues to be addressed are:

  • advanced DRM systems to allow for sharing and revenue streams,
  • DRM strategies of large scientific publishers  like Elsevier,
  • P2P technologies for science,
  • need (or no need) for DRM systems for Open Access publishing?
  • risks and opportunities for new library services by DRM,
  • copyright exemptions for scientific endeavour in practice,
  • DRM requirements of distance learning in an age of broadband,
  • the development of Science Commons,
  • standardization in the field (e.g. ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36 WG4),
  • conflicts and governance regimes,
  • new forms of knowledge production (e.g. simulations, computer models, large data bases etc.) and IPR

Feel free to come up with further topics, and please circulate  this call to potential authors.

As papers go through a review process deadline for submission is First of  April  2005. Papers  accepted for publication are remunerated  with € 150. 

Manuscripts should be sent  by E-mail  to the editor of the INDICARE Monitor

Authors are kindly asked to use the "article template" (available at